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Bred Ugresshakke ("Superslice")

Bred Ugresshakke ("Superslice")

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Bred Ugresshakke ("Superslice")

For super-fast weeding over larger areas, Super Slice is the perfect choice. Superbly satisfying to use, Super Slice cuts on both the push and the pull strokes, so it whizzes through the weeding in half the time.


This highly efficient weeding tools is ideal for large beds and borders, vegs beds and allotments. It’s also ideal for tackling weeds in today’s contemporary landscaping finishes, such as gravel and aggregates.

The sharp high-carbon steel blade slices through roots and shoots just below the surface, and because Super Slice is used horizontally, rather than chopping downwards, it can be with in areas with weed control membranes.

Lightweight and very easy to use, Super Slice will give you super-fast weeding all round the garden, driveway and allotment.

Hardened and tempered high-carbon steel head with stainless steel tang (neck).

100% FSC certified hardwood handle.

Head width 23.5 cm. Overall length 148cm.

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