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Glasert potte (glazed pot) Malibu

Glasert potte (glazed pot) Malibu

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Glasert potte (glazed pot) Malibu

Picking up on the trend for everything vintage, the Boho Eclectic look conjures up the style of the heady days of the Woodstock era. Our Malibu indoor plant pots are the perfect way to get the look - and to combine it with your passion for houseplants!

This subtly stylish collection of pots feature an understated speckled glaze, in soft shades of blue, green and cream to evoke the happy hazy days of summer at the coast. The Malibu Blue pot is available in a choice of three sizes.

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Blue Large: 14cm diameter x 13cm high 

Green Medium: 12cm diameter x 11cm high 

Blue Extra Large: 17cm diameter x 15.5cm high

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